SGA is an award-winning creative powerhouse, specialising in Branded Themed Entertainment.
We develop and produce an astonishing variety of Live Shows, IP/Brand Activations and Immersive Experiences. Working with global brands, we take guests into the world of their Intellectual Properties by telling their unique stories with ‘Real Imagination’.
Founded over 20 years ago, our experience in the live sector is second to none. We are proud to be the UK’s leading agency for bringing family brands to life.
If you have an idea or production you wish to explore more, our team are ready to Imagine, Produce and Realise your project.

Where we deliver Real Imagination

Our Family

We are part of the MGA Group, an independent communications group that has been operating successfully since 1992. Our sister agency, MGA, is a full service strategic creative agency providing brand and campaign solutions for a wide range of clients, across a wide range of sectors. All being co-located at our head office in London means that we have access to a larger team of creative conceptualists, design experts, strategic thinkers and customer service specialists.


The increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the biggest cause of global warming – impacting safety, health, food and global stability. We all contribute via travel, heating, and even eating and wearing clothes. We can change our lifestyles to reduce the impact, but it is still there.

SGA is proud to partner with Climate Wise to offset the combined carbon emission for the entire MGA Group team. Thanks to Climate Wise’s expertise, our contribution goes to projects on the basis of their offset impact, coupled with any benefits they provide to a local community such as job creation, health improvement or gender equality.