We were thrilled to take on the challenge of creating the world’s first ever live Wallace & Gromit show for P&O Cruises’ newest ship, Arvia. Working with animation legends Aardman, we produced ‘Wallace & Gromit’s All Hands On Deck!’, a show that saw the beloved characters taking on their new roles as ‘Chief Ideas Officers’ on board Arvia.

To bring this unique experience to life, our team at Two Tails worked tirelessly to create a show that seamlessly blended live performance with the unmistakable style and charm of Aardman animation. Every detail was carefully considered, from the design of Wallace’s epaulettes (featuring purple and gold stripes to denote his rank as Chief Ideas Officer) to the music, which was produced with West End Composer Jak Poore and captured the essence of Wallace & Gromit while incorporating the energy of a Bruno Mars show.

The show was performed under Arvia’s incredible SkyDome, a retractable roof that allowed guests to enjoy the warm Caribbean or Mediterranean air and sunlight while watching the show. And guests were not just passive observers, as they were asked to join in and help the ‘Big Ideas Crew’ fill the ship’s ‘Big Ideas-O-Meter’ through music, dance, and montage.

We have worked with Aardman for over 15 years, producing madcap experiences such as ‘Shaun the Sheep Championsheeps LIVE!’ and ‘Aardman presents: A Grand Experience’.

P&O Cruises president Paul Ludlow can’t wait for future guests to enjoy the exceptional new themed show, as part of P&O Cruises’ world-beating entertainment offering:

‘P&O Cruises partnership with Aardman has already brought so much fun and joy to the children who holiday with us each year. This new live show will provide the perfect moment for the entire family to sit back, relax and enjoy time together under the fantastic setting of Arvia’s SkyDome.’

Head of Attractions and Live Experiences at Aardman, Ngaio Harding-Hill, is delighted by Aardman’s fantastic new brand partnership:

‘Aardman is always looking for exciting new and unique experiences to engage family audiences with our beloved characters and the P&O Cruises partnership and Two Tails Productions delivers this with exceptional success in the new show on its stunning ship Arvia.’

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